How to design a home office

How to design a home office

In the wake of 2020’s global pandemic, working from home is now the norm for many. That brings with it the challenge of creating an appropriate, functional workspace in your own home.

While it may seem challenging, it can be an incredible opportunity to create your own, bespoke working environment, designed for your personal needs. How often have you looked at your work place and wished you could move your desk closer to that window? Or have more storage? Or not have to walk so far for a coffee? This is your chance!

Here are some things to start thinking about if you want to create your own home office:


Do you have a space that can be entirely dedicated to work, like a spare room you don’t use, or an outbuilding? Or do you need to create a work space in an ‘active’ area of the house, like the dining room or a living room?

If this is a long-term solution, do you need to consider an extension?

Even the smallest corner of a room can be transformed into a great working space with the right design though.


You’ll want to make the most of any natural light that you have, so think about where you can position your desk. Having a desk parallel to a window is a great way to enjoy some natural light without it being too straining on the eyes. No matter how much daylight you get, you’ll also want to think about some additional lighting. Most house lights are not appropriate for working in darker hours so think about lamps and where to position them. They can offer a good opportunity to make a design statement too.  

Desk and chair

Your desk needs to be functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Think about the space you need on it for your computer or laptop, any paperwork or desktop storage, as well as lighting. Invest in the best chair you can afford.


A home office needs really good storage solutions so think carefully about what you need for your job. It is going to be part of your home so piles of paperwork and files may not be practical – or very appealing to look at!

There are lots of ways to create storage opportunities, even in the smallest spaces, if you are clever with your design.

Personalise the space

This a chance for you to create a space that you’ll love and be productive in so think about how you can personalise it. Photos, inspirational imagery, greenery or colour schemes that appeal to you will all help you work more effectively and feel happy in your space.

Need inspiration? Call in an expert

If you need help creating your perfect home office, our affordable design service can help bring your vision to life. Run by experienced interior designer Daniel Ashmore, D2zign will provide detailed designs to help you visualise your space and achieve your home office goals. We provide no obligation quotes for any home office job, however big or small.